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Somethin' Fishy

John "Stinker" Clarke's "Somethin' Fishy" is a conglomeration of Tips, Tales and Fishing Techniques gathered over a 35 year period since his appointment to Nelson Bay High School as the new P.E. Teacher. "Stinker" is currently celebrating a 25 year association with the Port Stephens Examiner newspaper in which he has contributed a weekly fishing article. His weekly readers will easily recognize his unique style, a style that is transferred into this book. John's aim is to teach the fundamentals of successful fishing by involving humorous fishing yarns and relating stories of past fishing excursions. Anyone who has attended one of Stinker's regular Fishing Clinics, heard him on the radio or watched his television presentations will also detect the method of communication that has proven to be so successful over a long period.


The book refers mainly to the waters in and around Port Stephens, however the general methods and observations are applicable to fishing anywhere. All species of fish, particularly snapper, jewfish, flathead, whiting and bream, are covered along with tips on crabbing and squidding. Stinker's secret spots are secrets no more and his vast experiences are revealed for all to share.

The book is a fun read with red hot fishing information woven through fascinating yarns.

Unfortunately this book sold out completely in August 2010 ... but, Stinker's "Fifty Fishing Secrets" is now available.

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