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FISH Port Stephens

Rather than reprint my first book "Somethin' Fishy", which was written in 1998 and has been unavailable for some years, I have chosen to select certain passages from the old book and combine them with current methods used by the new generation of recreational fishers.   The colour photos that have been selected graphically display the beauty of the islands, beaches and the water of Port Stephens, not to mention the amazing fish.


"FISH Port Stephens" gives the reader an insight into the character of the author through the introductory chapters which could be considered autobiographic. The fishing information, spread throughout the book, has been gathered over many years from the very best local fishermen. The most popular and productive offshore  GPS marks have been printed for those who simply wish to catch a fish.

Unfortunately this book sold out completely ... but, Stinker's "Fifty Fishing Secrets" is now available.

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