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Kerosene Tin Jim

In the tiny fishing village of Nelson Bay, Dimitrios Georgis Karageorgis, known to all as “Kerosene Tin Jim”, became a legendary character.

After emigrating to Australia from Greece as a young man, "Kerosene Tin Jim" lived and fished on Broughton Island for 49 years before returning to Nelson Bay where he passed away in the early 1970s.

The community respect and admiration was earned not by heroic deeds or great achievements but by being a caring, compassionate man, generous and cheerful.

“Kerosene Tin Jim” was reliable and could always be depended upon when help was needed. He was what we call – a real good bloke.


“Kerosine Tin Jim” is the third book in an ongoing series written by John “Stinker” Clarke and wonderfully illustrated by Ileana Clarke.


The books are unique in that they are based on true characters and true events. John is of the belief that “you are never too young to learn history” [Scott Levi ABC Radio].


A legendary Port Stephens character, Kerosene Tin Jim, will live on in the pages of a new book written by fishing identity John 'Stinker' Clarke and illustrated by Nelson Bay artist Ileana Clarke.

Mr Clarke and Ms Clarke have released their third book collaboration called "Kerosene Tin Jim - The Man Who Loved An Island" which tells the true tale of Dimitrios Georgis Karageorgis.

"I never got the chance to met him but I've gathered many stories and recollections of Kerosene Tin Jim and turned it into a book," Mr Clarke said. "He was known as a caring, compassionate, generous and cheerful man. Rather than this character disappearing from history, he is now immortalised in a book. His history will never disappear."

Cost: $15 (plus package and postage)

Interested in buying this book?

Email Stinker directly:

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