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Broughton Islanders

“Boughton Islanders” is the result of years of research and interviews and features a collection of old photographs that are hard to believe. The book, set between 1860 – 1960, is based around the early fishing and lobster industry, focusing particularly on those hardy souls who chose to settle on Broughton Island for varying periods of time. The main island is approximately 3 km long and 2 km across and is situated 14 km north of the entrance to Port Stephens. The outpost served as a base from which fishermen targeted lobsters, snapper, leatherjacket, flathead and anything else that they could catch. 

The story which tells of Russian spies, hidden treasure, huge snapper, great white sharks and blue chooks also relates the involvement and occupancy of the Chinese, Italians, Greeks and the rough and tumble “Aussies”.

“Broughton Islanders” is a near forgotten part of Australian history. A story that needed to be told.

“Broughton Island has always been a fascination to me, particularly the stories that are told and the sensational fishing on offer. I feared that if I didn’t document the island’s history all would be lost over time.”

Cost: $30 (plus package and postage)

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